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For a more exact estimate please contact us at (725) 500-5765 or email us at sales@primequalitytransportinc.com for your free quote.

You may experience this error if:

  • Item is missing a dimension.
  • The item is being transported on a short route. There are different factors that we take into account when providing a price.
  • The item is being transported internationally. We have expertst that can help you give a more accurate price. However, there are different factors that need to be taken into account.
  • Item is highly specialized and/or needs teardown services.

Seems like your load is over dimensional. Not a problem, we can get it done for you. We are familiar with requirements for each State and have experienced drivers for these type of moves. Please contact us (725) 500-5765 at to speak to one of our Logistics Specialist. You can also email us at sales@primequalitytransportinc.com for your free quote.

* An error has ocurried, please verify the Pickup and Dropoff locations codes

Disclaimer: The Prime Quality Transport Inc Estimator tool calculates an estimate of the cost to ship an item within the United States and assumes the item is operable for loading and unloading. The estimate does not constitute a transportation quote nor a binding agreement between you and Prime Quality Transport Inc. Prime Quality Transport Inc is not responsible for any discrepancies between the estimate provided by the tool and the actual total cost to ship an item. Formal transportation quotes can be obtained via our email sales@primequalitytransportinc.com and or direct phone number to speak to one of our Logistics Coordinator at 725-500-5765

Our estimator is based on a 5-7 business days pick up commitment. If you need expidited services please let your logistics coordinator know.


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