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How it works

How it works, you provide us all the details for the freight you need moved. (Dimensions, pick up and drop off information)

Focus on your company while we save you time on the logistics end


We also move partial loads for smaller equipment and machines, freight by the truckload, cargo, construction, farming, and agriculture equipment.



Our experts offer clear and simple solutions for air transport while providing fast communication throughout the season.



Our employees analyze your
needs and cargo characteristics, optimize shipping routes and estimate ocean transportation costs.

How it works

You provide us with all the details of the freight you need to move. The dimensions of your cargo are important to determine the type of vehicle necessary for transportation, you should provide (Dimensions, pickup and delivery information)
Quote Requested We will receive your quote request and based on your item specifications, timeframe and distance, we'll send a free quote estimate.
Price is Approved Once the price is approved we'll get things ready such as the paperwork and the driver will be send over to your item location.
Updates from point A to B We'll keep you updated all the way from point A to B, your item it's our priority.
Item gets Shipped Your shipment it's delivered as requested.


Why Trust Us?

What Makes
Us Different



We communicate the process in each of the transports, including step-by-step photos until shipment.



Rest Assure, if you received a quote from us, there won’t be any surprises. The price that we give you guarantees we will get it done.


Rely on us, your loads are in good hands, we’ll make sure every item it’s taken care with high priority.

Time Optimization

From the moment we receive the approval of the quote. We immediately start coordinating the pick up or your equipment or item. We will keep you updated along the way and make sure everything is done in a timely manner.


Personalized Service

We know every single load, customer, and scenario is different. That is why we work with passion and commitment to provide every customer with the best service.

Fair Prices

Leave the hassle of having to deal with multiple drivers to get the best rate. We are well connected with over 14,000 carriers all over the US, Canada and Mexico. We know the routes back and forth and are familiar with current market rates to insure a fair price to our clients.


Our Services

What We Offer To Highest
Quality Services

Leave your machinery transport to the experts. Prime Quality Transport. inc will take care of moving heavy machinery, such as farm equipment or those especially designed to perform large construction tasks.
We are aware that sometimes clients must get things done quickly. We could be the solution for them. We work with a large network of carriers whose drivers can ship a unito(r several units) faster than the usual timeframe.
It is our duty to keep the load within the specified temperature range, according to the need of the product being transported. From the moment of pick up until its delivery, we take care to assure your load will be received in optimum conditions.
Connecting services and products around the world is essential to the growth of any economy in the world and we have a team with over 25 years of experience in all kinds of cargo. We can deliver to any port or airport in the world.
Leave your machinery transport to the experts. Prime Quality Transport. inc will take care of moving heavy machinery, such as farm equipment or those especially designed to perform large construction tasks.
International, intercontinental and transoceanic transport service, we handle EXW, FCA, DAT, DAP cargo from and to any part of the world, updating and professional advice to keep your supply chain in constant flow.


Active Suport Team


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